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A Hot Slice Of Manners

, , , | Right | April 24, 2018

(I am working on a fairly busy day, and there is a line of customers. I have only been working in this store for a couple of weeks, and have just gotten used to the cash register and how to place orders for pizzas. I am also only 15.)

Me: “Hello! How are you today?”

Customer: “Fine.” *they proceed to give a very specific order and I put it into the system as fast as possible* “Also, we get a free pizza because it was messed up previously.”

(They show me their receipt from the previous week and show me the server’s name. It happens to be my name.)

Customer: “She was the most unintelligent person I’ve ever seen work here, and she could barely understand what we were saying! She was the most incompetent…” *now noticing my name*

Me: “Anything else for you today?”

Customer: “No. I’m glad to see they’re properly training their employees now. They must have known you needed extra help.”

Coworker: “Or you needed help with your manners; you have ordered a pizza and called in to complain for multiple weeks in a row. Now you can either give her the money and wait for your pizza, or get out.”

(I have never seen someone blush so much! They remained quiet and very polite for the rest of the transaction, and I haven’t seen them since!)

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