Horsing Around The Game

| Romantic | January 13, 2016

(My husband is playing a video game in which he can ride horses; I am in the same room working on my computer. He has just pacified one that was particularly shaggy and I wondered aloud if it was a horse or donkey. A little while later, I am watching him ride around on the specific horse the character owns.)

Husband: “I lost the shaggy one, by the way. It got scared and ran away.”

Me: “You mean the donkey?”

Husband: “It wasn’t a donkey; it was just a weird looking horse.”

Me: “It definitely looked like a donkey.”

Husband: *smugly, since I’m a city girl* “What would you know about donkeys?”

Me: *innocently* “I am extremely familiar with one a** in particular…”

Husband: *glaring at me* “…Well played.”

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