Horsing Around: Level 99

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(My sister is a waitress at a bar and restaurant. She comes home one day with this very interesting story. She’s in the kitchen and the bartender runs back into the kitchen.)

Bartender: “I can’t do it!”

Sister: “Can’t do what?”

Bartender: *wheezing* “Go. Look.”

(My sister goes to the bar. There is a woman in a head-to-toe — hoof? — fursuit of a horse, waiting at the bar.)

Sister: “Um… What can I get you?”

Horse Girl: “[Alcohol], please.”

Sister: “Can I see your ID?”

Horse Girl: *takes off horse head and hands her her ID*

Sister: *red-faced, nearly crying trying not to laugh* “A horse in a bar, huh?”

Horse Girl: *nonchalantly* “Yeah?”

(Horse Girl does not see the humor in this.)

Sister: “So… where’re you heading?”

Horse Girl: “To the convention center to watch a wrestling match.”

Sister: *nearly losing it* “Which convention center?”

Horse Girl: “Uh… The one right next door?”

Sister: *stares at her expectantly*

Horse Girl: “The Trotter?”

Sister: *f****** loses it*

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