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Horses And Their Rear Ends Are Everywhere

, , , , | Working | May 5, 2020

I am the manager of a farm and I am in charge of the care of the horses and maintenance of the farm. My supervisor is the assistant trainer and is in charge of teaching lessons and riding the horses. I have nothing to do with my supervisor’s schedule.

Boss: “Did you take a lunch break on Saturday?”

Me: “Yes?”

Boss: “Did [Supervisor] take lunch?”

Supervisor: “No.”

Boss: *To me* “Why did you get a lunch break if she didn’t? If you have time to take lunch, you need to offer to buy [Supervisor] and the other workers lunch, too, since they didn’t have time.”

Yeah, I am not spending my own money to buy everyone food. I made hardly any money. I didn’t even go out for lunch.

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