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Hoping They Would Just Let It Slide

| Learning | March 30, 2016

(I’m doing a group project with another girl and a lazy guy who never does any work, and always copies off of other people’s homework two minutes before the bell. We have one day in a computer lab to work and then we have to complete the assignment at home. It is the night before the presentation is due and the guy never gets online to help.)

Girl: “Maybe we should just do his slides for him. That way we get the credit.”

Me: “No, they were his slides. If Mr. [Teacher] asks what happened then we will tell him plain and simple that [Guy] did not do his work.”

Girl: “I’m cool with that!”

(It is the presentation day, and the guy walks into class.)

Guy: “Did you guys finish the presentation?”

Me: “Most of it.”

Guy: “What does that mean?”

Girl: “It means we finished most of the presentation.”

Teacher: “Is there a group that wants to go first?”

(The girl and I immediately raise our hands.)

Me: “We will!”

Teacher: “Okay, then, go on up to the front of the class!”

(He pulls up the presentation which we emailed to him the night before. We go through a few slides until we get to the guy’s slide, which contains a singular sentence cut off in the middle of a word from his “work” in the computer lab.)

Teacher: “Is there a reason why this slide has hardly anything on it?”

Me: “I don’t know. It was [Guy]’s slide.”

(The guy is visibly angry, embarrassed, and shocked, all at the same time.)

Guy: *in an attempted whisper* “Why didn’t you guys finish it?”

(His “whisper” is very loud.)

Teacher: “I think I see what happened here. You guys can sit down now.”

Girl: “But what about the rest of the presentation?”

Teacher: “I’ve seen enough. You three can talk to me after class.”

(The girl and I are both very scared that we did something wrong now. We wait until class is over then we go over to our teacher.)

Teacher: “[Girl], [My Name], I’m proud of you both for not giving into the games [Guy] was trying to play. You both get full credit, and [Guy] over here has two options. You can either take a 5%, which is equal to the work you did, or you can redo this project by yourself and get a maximum 75%.”

Guy: “I guess I’ll redo it.”

Teacher: “Now we all know you aren’t going to actually do it, so do you want the 5% now or later?”

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