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Hoping It’s Just An iFad

| Learning | March 29, 2017

(My physics teacher is… “unorganized,” kind of. Our school uses an iPad program, and he is the only teacher who never puts up his assignments on ‘Schoology,’ an app the entire school uses for almost anything relating to the school, including posting notes and assignments for students, communicating to others, submitting work, and announcing events. Because of this, most work is done on our iPads. He has told us a few weeks ago to do a specific exercise on finding the horsepower of a car. He never told us to put it on paper, and the students who did remember (it’s not uncommon for people to forget) did this work electronically.)

Teacher: “All right, hand up your work for horsepower.”

Everyone: “Wait, what? We have to hand it in?”

Teacher: “Oh. I probably should’ve told you to put it on paper.”

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