Hoping For A Closing Down Sale

, , , , | Right | March 6, 2019

(About two weeks ago, my big-box store began a major remodel. There is a giant sign underneath the store name on the front of the building that says, “Thank you for your patience as we remodel,” and smaller signs with the same phrase are scattered liberally throughout the store, as well as signs with maps showing which departments are moving around. We’re also not taking any merchandise off the floor, just stocking things densely and squeezing aisles closer together in order to clear space for the areas being worked on. Most customers are capable of reading the signs or at least figuring out what’s going on for themselves, but I’ve still had to have the same conversation with two or three different people, every single day, along these lines:)

Customer: “What’s going on in here? Are you guys closing?”

Me: “No, we’re remodeling. Sorry for the mess, but the store will look great when it’s done!”

Customer: “But those shelves are all completely empty.”

Me: “Those are empty because the merchandise that was on them has all been moved over there, so those shelves can be replaced by new ones. I can help you find anything you’re looking for.”

Customer: “But the electronics section is gone. I’m sure you’re closing; why else would you get rid of that?”

Me: “We haven’t gotten rid of it; it’s moved to that corner of the store. We’re not closing. Here’s a map of what the store will look like when it’s finished; the highlighted areas have already been completed, and these areas here are scheduled to be done in the next couple of weeks.”

Customer: “Are you sure you’re not closing? This store’s been looking a bit shabby for a while now.”

Me: “Absolutely positive. That’s actually why we’re remodeling; this is an older store and corporate wants to get things back into a condition our customers can enjoy.”

(The conversation inevitably ends with the customer dubiously “taking my word for it,” and wandering away. Half the time I see them again later, asking one of my coworkers why the store is closing.)

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