A Trinket Of Kindness

, , | Europe | Hopeless | April 8, 2016

(While browsing a notorious online auction site, I find a trinket I’m interested in. There are no bidders and only a few minutes left till the end of the auction. I place a bid and end up winning the trinket. Then I realize the seller only offers registered shipping, which has an acceptable cost in the lower 48s, but is prohibitive for shipping overseas. I write an email to the seller…)

Me: “Dear sir, I’ve made a mistake in placing the bid before checking the shipping costs. Please let me know the price of the item plus auction expenses, and I’ll cover that. You can put the item back for auction.”

Seller: “Are you sure? I could just cancel the auction and you wouldn’t owe me anything.”

Me: “Thank you for your offer, but you’d still have to pay the auction expenses; the mistake was on my part.”

(The seller gave me a quote, I paid the amount, and got on with other things. A few weeks later an unexpected parcel arrived. The seller had shipped the trinket anyway! Thank you, dear sir. I put it to good use and whenever I look at it, I’m reminded that most people are kind.)

Skinny Jeans And A Fat Heart

, , | | Hopeless | April 8, 2016

(Last September, I had to buy all new jeans because I had recently lost 20 lbs and none of the old ones fit. My husband, being the awesome guy he is, went with me to a popular plus-size store to help me pick some out.)

Husband: “Here’s some 14s.” *hands me a pair of skinny jeans*

Me: “I’m not sure if I lost enough to fit into the 14 skinny yet.”

Husband: “Well, try them and if they don’t fit, we’ll try to find some more boot cuts instead.”

(I go find someone to unlock the fitting room for me and try on the skinny jeans. I come out to show my husband.)

Me: “I guess I was wrong. They fit perfectly.”

Store Employee: *still standing nearby, she turns and starts clapping* “Yay!”

(I couldn’t stop smiling after that. It made my day to have a complete stranger be so happy for my minor accomplishment. I’ve since lost more weight and can’t shop there anymore, but I’ll never forget how awesome their employees are.)

Making A Hug(e) Difference

, , | PA, USA | Hopeless | April 7, 2016

(I’m having a very rough day and likely look it while I’m standing out in front of my house waiting for someone. All of a sudden the ten-year-old I sometimes babysit comes walking up, pulling his five-year-old step-sister behind him in a wagon, followed by their three-year-old half-brother on a Big Wheel, and their poodle mix bringing up the rear.)

Ten-Year-Old: “Hug train! Toot toot!”

(He proceeds to hug me, steps forward just enough for his step-sister to hug my legs, and then his half-brother hugs me next.)

Ten-Year-Old: “[Dog], hugs!”

(The poodle mix, who has been trained to hug on command, then jumps up and hugs me, too.)

Five-Year-Old: *pointing to their driveway where their grandmother is getting out of the car* “Nana’s here!”

Ten-Year-Old: “Come on, let’s go hug her next!”

(I had a huge smile on my face while the “hug train” went off to hug their grandmother. I actually forgot about what was bothering me for a little while.)

Chicken Noodle Soup For The Soul

, , , , | CA, USA | Hopeless | April 7, 2016

(I work at a popular sub sandwich restaurant that also serves soup, salads, and cookies. I’m going through the process of closing the restaurant, and just finished cleaning up the hot area of the line. A visibly pregnant woman spots me behind the counter and runs over.)

Woman: “Oh, my God, please tell me you’re not closed yet!”

Me: “Oh, well, I haven’t closed the register yet, so I suppose not. What can I get for you?”

Woman: “Are you sure? I don’t want to put you out, or get you in trouble! I just need a specific soup you guys have. Have you put your soups away, yet?”

Me: “It’s no problem at all, I promise! I have actually sold out of the pre-prepared, hot soup, but I have some I can heat up for you in the microwave, if you don’t mind waiting about ten minutes for it. What soup were you looking for?”

Woman: “Your chicken noodle. Your chicken noodle soup is my favorite, and my pregnancy cravings have me driving all over town to find some!”

(She tells me the different locations she’s tried, the driving distance adding up to about 60 miles just to find this soup. She looks absolutely desperate, and as though she’ll burst into tears if I tell her we don’t have it.)

Me: “I cannot express how happy it makes me to be the one to tell you we actually do have chicken noodle in stock. How much would you like?”

(She whoops and hops up and down in joy like a little kid. She requests five cups of the soup, almost the whole container, and immediately calls her husband while I prepare it for her. She gets off the phone and calls me back over.)

Woman: “Could I grab a sandwich while I’m here, too? My husband is at work in [City an hour away] and I’m going to surprise him with his favorite when he comes home. Gosh, I’m just so happy you have the soup!”

(We talk idly while I make it for her. She’s hilarious and contagiously excited about this soup. I make sure to include double the normal amount of meat, and she adds bacon and avocado, which is normally extra. She is so excited she barely notices how expensive the sandwich is getting. The microwave beeps, and she squeals in delight when I pack up all her soups in a small box so they won’t spill, and place the sandwich on top.)

Me: “Okay, the sandwich itself comes to [nearly $15]—”

Woman: *visibly winces and nods* “Okay, do you guys take credit?”

Me: “—and with the rest of your order, that makes it [total], but just give me a moment to process your discount before you pay.”

Woman: “Discount? What discount?”

Me: “Oh, I’m going to use my daily employee discount for you so your sandwich comes at half price. I wasn’t planning on using it today anyway, and you’ve just been my best customer ever. The sandwich comes to [cheaper than the base price of the sandwich without any extras], and your final total is [total].”

Woman: “Oh, my gosh, thank you so much! You’re a saint. Can I add some cookies, though? And some juice? What are your favorites?”

Me: “I really like our [very chocolate-y cookie] and [Apple Juice Brand], but we have some other options here in this case.”

Woman: “Oh, no, that’s okay. I’ll get three of those cookies and the juice, please!”

Me: “Your new total is [total].”

(We talk idly about the soup while she pays. She gathers the small box of her food and pushes the cookies and juice towards me.)

Woman: “Here, I got these for you, actually. It’s so nice to find good service, and you’ve been so, so sweet. Have a nice night!”

(I gushed thanks as she left. The cookies really were my absolute favorite in the world, and tasted amazing when I got home. She remains my favorite customer I’ve ever had.)

Ignoring The Stuffed Elephant In The Room

, , | Toronto, ON, Canada | Hopeless | April 7, 2016

(I have just finished shopping with my one-year-old daughter, who is sitting in a large stroller. On my way out of the store, the alarm goes off. An employee walks over to me.)

Employee: “Come with me.”

(He leads me inside.)

Employee: “Can I see your receipt?”

Me: *handing him the receipt and emptying my bags* “It’s probably a mistake. I paid for everything.”

Employee: *looking at my daughter* “Did you check your stroller?”

Me: “No, I don’t think I left anything in there.”

Employee: “Just look.”

(Thinking I may have left something in the stroller and forgot about it, I take a look. My daughter had piled up eight stuffed animals in the stroller with her and somehow I never noticed.)

Me: “Oh, my god, sorry about that. I’ll put them back.”

(I put the toys back and get ready to leave the store only to be stopped by the same employee, who is waiting by the door.)

Employee: “You can’t blame her. She’s only a baby.” *to my daughter* “Hello, I got you a gift.”

(He had bought a huge stuffed elephant for my daughter. He hands it to me.)

Me: “Oh… thank you!”

Employee: “It’s nothing. Have a great day!”

(The whole situation made my day. My daughter calls the elephant “Toka” and it is her favourite toy.)

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