When Life Gives You Lemon Chickens…

, , , | Seattle, WA, USA | Hopeless | April 13, 2016

(I work as the front desk attendant at a hotel. I work the evening shift, and have forgotten to pack my dinner. As I’m checking in a middle-aged woman, my stomach practically roars in hunger. Embarrassed, I apologize to the lady. She only smiles and I continue checking her in.)

Me: “All right! You’re all set! Is there anything else I can help you with this evening?”

Woman: “Actually, hun, you did remind me that I’m fairly hungry myself. Do any Chinese restaurants deliver here?”

Me: “We have one, here.”

Woman: *takes the menu and gives it a brief glance* “Anything you can recommend?”

Me: “Most of the food is pretty good, but I really like the lemon chicken.

(She thanks me and goes up to her room. An hour later I see the delivery man pass through the lobby, and the smell set my stomach off again. Five minutes later the woman is back at my desk asking for a plate. After receiving one, she proceeds to place her take-out bag on the counter and open a huge assortment of boxes.)

Woman: “The restaurant had a minimum order price, and I was really craving Chinese. I can’t possibly eat all of this before my flight tomorrow, so I thought I would share.”

(She then proceeded to divvy up half of every dish, including the lemon chicken! It was so much food I ended up being able save half of what she gave me for my next shift. She couldn’t have known how those free meals made my day, and even my week!)

Homeless Is Where The Heart Is

, , , , | Minneapolis, MN, USA | Hopeless | April 13, 2016

(I have had a sudden allergic reaction, but since my partner is at work and we only have one car, I have to take the train to go to my regular doctor. I look like I’ve been stung or punched, I feel feverish, and I can’t stop itching. I start to cry slightly out of frustration and pain. A clearly homeless man gets on.)

Man: “Miss? Miss? Are you all right?”

(I shake my head, still crying. The man pulls out a bag of stuff that shelters commonly give out, including tissues and wipes.)

Man: “Are you sick, miss? Do you need a tissue? Don’t cry!”

Me: *sniffling* “Thanks… I’m on my way to the doctor’s, actually. I’m having an allergic reaction plus a bad fever.” *the man hands me a small pack of tissues*

Man: “Do you know how to get there? I could get off and help you.”

Me: “No, it’s okay. I know the way.”

Man: “Are you sure?”

(I thanked him and got off at the next stop. No one else even noticed me, but he had!)

Fix A Broken Head With A Beating Heart

, | Scotland, UK | Hopeless | April 12, 2016

(I’m about seven and have cracked my head open. I’m sitting in the reception office in the hotel, covered in blood, with my mother on the verge of a breakdown because I just won’t stop screaming. Suddenly, a man knocks on the door.)

Man: “Hi, sorry to bother you. It’s just I saw you coming in with all that blood… I’ve got two kids of my own, you see, and I know how they would be acting if it was them, so I got this for you to cheer you up.”

(From behind his back he pulls out a bar of chocolate for me, and I immediately calm down.)

Man: “Now, you be brave, all right?” *to my mum* “And let me know if you need anything else.”

(That man waited outside until my dad and brother arrived and he was certain I was going to be okay, then vanished without a trace. Whoever you are, thank you for being there!)

Driving Home The Kindness, Part 2

, , , | Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK | Hopeless | April 12, 2016

(I am taken to the hospital by the police because they insist I need a mental health check. The hospital refuses to send anyone to see me, so I need to get back home again. I am broke and it is around one am, so the only way home is going to be walking. I’ve been walking about ten minutes when a taxi pulls up beside me.)

Driver: “Hey, kid, where’re you heading?”

Me: “Uh, home?”

Driver: “Right. But where’s home?”

Me: “It’s in [Area]. Why?”

Driver: “You can’t walk that. Get in.”

Me: “Mate, I can’t. I’ve no cash or nothing on me.”

Driver: “Seriously, it’s okay. Get in.”

Me: “Mate, I’m really not kidding. I’ve no money, can’t get any when I get home either. I can’t pay you for a taxi ride home.”

(At this stage I start walking again, because it’s a cold night and I’m a genius who went with the police with no coat on me. But I’ve not got more than two steps or so when the driver stops me again.)

Driver: “Look, I get it. You’ve no money. Take down my taxi reg number, my license plate number, whatever you need, but I am taking you home, because you’re not walking halfway across the city at this time of the night.”

(At this point, I’m torn, but decide I’ll take a chance staying warm. And he does, indeed, take me straight home, for free. I explain the situation to him on the way, and as I am getting out, he hands me the card for the firm he works for.)

Driver: “If you ever get stuck like that again, give that number a call. Nobody should be left walking around at that time of the night.”

(I didn’t even know how to say thank you at that point. I was that gobsmacked that he’d do something so nice at all. I never did see that guy again, but thank you, Mr Random Taxi Driver in Belfast, for helping a kid out, way back when. I still owe you one.)


A Young Appreciation Of Underground Music

, , , | Paris, France | Hopeless | April 12, 2016

(I’m in the subway. There’s a black young man, probably 18 or 20, sitting on a folding seat just in front of me. He’s listening to music with his headphones. A young mother sits just next to him, holding a baby. The baby stares at the headphones.)

Young Man: “This is a cute baby! Does he like Celtic guitar?”

Mother: “I don’t know.”

(Then the young man turned the volume lower and put his headphones onto the baby’s ears. The baby opened wide eyes and looked fascinated, like someone who listened to the most wonderful music in the world! The mother was obviously moved. This magic moment lasted a few minutes for me, and then I had to leave the train and walk back home. I think it’s the most adorable thing I have ever seen in the subway.)

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