Very Goodie People

, , | Pacific, MO, USA | Hopeless | April 4, 2016

(Almost a week ago our 10-year-old dog fell over dead and we had to cremate him. We have taken out other dog and my daughter out with my husband and me.)

Daughter: *playing*

(Three teenaged girls walk up and climb on the equipment.)

Teen #1: “This is nice.”

Teen #2: “Yeah, it’s a nice playground.”

Teen #3: “I like it. We should come back.”

(They all jump down and leave. We too are packing up because it’s growing dark. As we turn around there is a small goodie bag with a jump rope, silly string, and a ball, as well as a kite that says ‘God bless your family.’)

Me: “That… wasn’t there before.”

Husband: “Yeah, where did it come from?”

Me: “Well, [Dog] didn’t bark and only those girls came up; it had to have been them!”

(We watched as they pull away in a beat up old junker in awe, as my eight-year-old got excited for the goodies. I have no idea who you were but in the midst of my dog’s death you made my daughter smile. Thank you. I believe we met three angels that night.)

A Beautiful Gesture

, , , , | King of Prussia, PA, USA | Hopeless | April 4, 2016

(I am at work when an elderly man come in with his wife. He and his wife sit down at our beauty studio where the employees usually apply makeup to the customers. The woman sits in a chair while our makeup artist give him brushes. Seeing this from a distance I get curious.)

Me: “Excuse me, sir, I apologise if I am intruding but I just wanted to ask why you’re learning how to apply makeup to your wife?”

Husband: “Not at all. My wife is going blind, you see. I want to learn to apply her makeup because I want her to feel beautiful.”

(Such a small but touching gesture. Five years later it’s still one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen at work.)

As Right As Rain

, , , | Stamford, CT, USA | Hopeless | April 3, 2016

(My mom is working at the local [Big Thrift Store]. It has begun to rain and she has just finished up her shift. She spots an umbrella for sale and takes it up to the register.)

Mom: “I didn’t know it was going to rain. Guess I’m going to need this umbrella.”

Supervisor: “You can’t buy that!”

Mom: “But it’s raining. Why not?”

Supervisor: “Because you work here; you shouldn’t be shopping!”

Mom: “But I just finished my shift and I would like to go home but it’s pouring outside. Can I please just buy the umbrella?”

Supervisor: “No!”

(A customer has noticed this exchange.)

Customer: “I’d like to buy that umbrella, please.”

Supervisor: “Sure! That’ll be [amount].”

(The customer takes the purchase and hands it to my mom, then turns to the supervisor.)

Customer: “You are f****** ridiculous…”

(Thank you, kind man who helped my mom. To the nasty Supervisor: up yours!)

Passing The Baton Of Acceptance To The Next Generation

, , , , | Seattle, WA, USA | Hopeless | April 2, 2016

(Working at a toy store, I see a lot of horrible parents refuse to buy toys for their children because they think the toy is for the “wrong” gender. One day, a grandma and a little boy come in. The little boy is about five, and has many mannerisms that people characterize as “feminine” or “gay.”)

Grandma: “Hello. Do you have any batons?”

Me: “Yes, we do. They’re right over here.”

Boy: “Oh, yay! They have batons!” *claps hands excitedly, jumps up and down*

Grandma: “We’ll take one, please.”

(They left, with the boy soooo happy about his baton. To the grandma it was no big deal, and she was just happy that they found what he wanted. Whenever I have a bad day, I always remember baton-grandma and feel better about the world.)

It’s Toughy To Work Out The Taffy

, , | MN, USA | Hopeless | April 2, 2016

(My three-year-old daughter wants candy while out shopping, so I give her a dollar and tell her to pick out just one. She takes one piece of taffy to the counter to ask how much it is.)

Daughter: “How much is just one candy, please?”

Busy Cashier: *thinks a moment* “You know what, if you can wait until you get back out in the hallway, you can have it for free. As a present.”

Daughter: “Wow! Thank you!”

(We leave and continue shopping elsewhere, and it’s not till later I realize it was probably easier for the busy cashier to write one taffy off as shrinkage rather than work it out by pound!)

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