I Sense Great Kindness In You

, , | USA | Hopeless | May 4, 2016

(I’m running a table in the artist’s alley of a small sci-fi/anime/gaming convention, selling homemade jewelry and figurines. Since I’m the only person running the table, I can’t take a break to go experience the rest of the convention, and since few people are buying I’m pretty much just spending most of the convention staring off into space or handing out business cards. I manage to get someone to keep an eye on my table to go take a bathroom break, and on the way back I spot a table selling raffle tickets, and among the prizes is a mint-in-the-box, convention-exclusive Darth Vader figure. As a huge Star Wars fan I’m immediately sold, and buy myself a raffle ticket.)

Seller: “Good luck! We have all kinds of prizes!”

Me: “I’m really only interested in the Darth Vader. I never got to go to [Convention] but getting the figure would still be awesome!”

Seller: “Well, good luck to you!”

(Cut to the last day of the convention. I’ve missed almost every class and event, and have just barely managed to break even in sales, so I decide to just pack it in and go home. As I’m tearing down, an attendee I’ve never met before comes up to me.)

Attendee: “Here.” *hands me the Darth Vader figure*

Me: *stunned* “Wait, what? Really?”

Attendee: “Yeah, really. I won it and I don’t want it, and the guy said you really wanted it. This way I know it’s going to a good home.”

(I was completely floored, and offered the guy a free statue from my own table in return. He made a lackluster convention a whole lot better for me! I still have the Vader figure, and while I know it’s probably worth a fair amount if I ever sell it, the memories behind it are worth a lot more to me.)

Chicken Noodle Soup For The Soul, Part 2

, , | TX, USA | Hopeless | May 4, 2016

(It’s graduation week, so we’ve been assaulted by last minute balloon orders. All of us are working ten-hour shifts, and while we have 30 minute breaks for lunch, none of us have been able to make use of them because we’re that overtaken. It’s near the end of the day and I’ve yet to eat, I’m suffering a headache, and my feet are killing me. I feel like I’m ready to burst into tears when 15 minutes before close, a woman walks with a massive return, which I have to do since I’m the acting manager on duty and my only co-worker is in the back doing clean up detail.)

Customer: “Are you okay, dear? You don’t look like you feel well.”

Me: “It’s been a long day. I haven’t had the chance to eat. We got slammed by graduation parties today, so I didn’t get to go buy anything. And stupid me, I didn’t think to bring my lunch.”

Customer: “You can’t run out to grab anything now?”

Me: “We close shortly. I have to go immediately home after this so my husband can get to his job. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be complaining. It’s just been a tiring day, that’s all.”

Customer: “That’s okay, dear. It’s almost over, at least.”

(We finish her transaction and she leaves. Two minutes before close, she shows up again with a $5 box meal from a nearby chicken place and sets it in front of me, then walks back out before I can say anything. I did cry then, but it was in gratitude. Thank you, ma’am, for making my day so much better!)


Policing Your Future

, | UK | Hopeless | May 4, 2016

(I’m just about to finish secondary school when each student receives a meeting with the careers advisor about future career paths and employability schemes. I’m around 16 years old at the time, female, and 5ft 1in.)

Teacher: “So, do you have any idea what you want to do as a career in the future?”

Me: “I’ve always wanted to join the police service.”

Teacher: *looks me up and down* “I don’t think I could see you becoming a police officer.”

Me: “Well, do you think you could point me to the right direction of how to join?”

Teacher: “Like I said, I don’t see you as a police officer. Maybe you should try something else that you’d actually succeed at?”

Me: *visibly annoyed and hurt* “Thanks for your help but I think I can manage this on my own.”

(The kicker? I went on to study public services in college, police studies in university, and graduated with a First Class Honours Degree. I joined the police at age 21, sat my sergeant’s exam seven years later, and got promoted. I also visited that school as part of an open day, and gave a speech telling the school to never give up on their dreams. The teacher was visibly shocked to say the least!)

Last Train To Kindness

, , | Amsterdam. The Netherlands | Hopeless | May 3, 2016

(I am running like a lunatic to catch a tram only to see it leave the stop. But luckily another tram is right after it…)

Me: *gets on oblivious to it being empty*

Tram Driver: “Hey! HEY!”

Me: “Sorry, did I do something wrong?”

Tram Driver: “This tram is not driving anymore tonight and headed for storage”

Me: “But you stopped for me?”

Tram Driver: “Yes, because I saw you run for the tram, and that was the last tram tonight and you’d be stuck here otherwise. I can’t take you to wherever you’re going, but if I speed a bit you can catch the previous tram at the next stop and run to it”.

Me: “Thank you!”

(And so he did, and I caught the other tram at the next stop. I was too flustered to do much other than stand there, but the kindness was much appreciated. It would have been a two-hour walk!)

Ice Cream Of The Crop

, , , | VIC, Australia | Hopeless | May 3, 2016

(I’m 15. My St Bernard gets arthritis in his spine (a common disease for the breed) and due to his size, life in a sling would be very painful. He has to be put down as he can’t get off the ground on his own. After, I am sitting on the curb outside my house crying when the ice cream truck comes around the corner and stops in front of me.)

Me: *thinking that he thinks I’m waiting for the truck* “Sorry to make you stop. I’m not waiting for you to come around. You should keep going.”

Ice-Cream-Man: “What’s wrong? You’re usually quite cheery.”

Me: “My dog just had to be put down; I’ve had him since i was 5. He was way past his life-expectancy, so I knew it was coming, but i can’t help but miss him”

Ice-Cream-Man: “Hmm… one second.”

(He gets me my usual order of strawberry and blueberry.)

Ice-Cream-Man: “Here. I know it’s not much, but I hope this’ll cheer you up a bit.”

Me: “Thank you so much, but I don’t have any money on me… I could pay you back next time you come around.”

Ice-Cream-Man: *giving me the cone* “No, you won’t. It’s on the house. I’ve made enough profit from you and your brother that i can spare $4. Enjoy. I hope you feel better.”

Me: “Thank you so much… I don’t even know what to say…”

Ice-Cream-Man: “No problem. I hate seeing people upset.” *he walks back through to the driver’s seat of the truck and drives away*

(It wasn’t much, but this is quite possibly the best thing anyone has done for me so far.)

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