Driving Home The Kindness, Part 4

, , | Canada | Hopeless | May 18, 2016

(I am to perform in a concert around Christmas, and my parents want to come to the show. For some reason, I am not able to get them tickets from the organizers, or from the venue. In fact, there is only one place in the city where I can get them, and it is located in a part of the city I have never been to before. I Google the address before I leave home, but it turns out that they have moved, and not updated their address on their website. I don’t have a smartphone at the time, so I am hopelessly lost in an unfamiliar place, in the middle of a Canadian winter. Needless to say, I am quite distressed. I spot a bus stop up ahead, but the bus is right behind me, and I knew I’d never make it to the stop in time. I am about to cry, when I heard the bus stop right next to me. This is the exchange that took place.)

Driver: *smiles at me* “You look like you could use a lift.”

Me: “Thank you so much! You just made my bad day so much better. I got lost.”

(I chuckle awkwardly, and reach into my pocket for the fare.)

Driver: “No need for that. You had to pay to get lost; you shouldn’t have to pay to get found.”

Me: “Are you sure? You already did such a nice thing, stopping for me when I wasn’t at a bus stop. I don’t want you to get in trouble.”

Driver: “No trouble. Take a seat.”

Me: “Thank you so much!”

(It wasn’t the last time I saw that bus driver, as I was a regular transit user, and he always chatted pleasantly with me and made sure I knew where I was going before I got off his bus. Considering how many other bus drivers in that city were downright rude to me on a regular basis, this driver was a real ray of sunshine. Thank you, Driver, for everything.)


Kindness Has Real Staying Power

, | WA, USA | Hopeless | May 17, 2016

(After avoiding any kind of surgery for the 35 years of my life I end up in the ER on Monday with appendicitis. I am very, very scared because of the aforementioned lack of surgeries. One of my roommates comes with me and intends to stay with me all night.)

Nurse: “We like people to go home and not stay here all night. It’s not comfortable.”

Roommate: “That’s okay. I want to stay.”

Nurse: “Well, in a shared room you have to get the permission of the person in the other room.”

Roommate: “Well, then, ask them. I want to stay.”

Other Person: “Let her stay! If I had someone here with me I’d want them to stay.”

(I was so out of it, and so scared, but the other person, also there with appendicitis, was so kind to let my roommate stay with me and it helped a lot. My roommate literally held my hand all night so every time I woke up I could feel it. If she hadn’t been there I think I’d have been inconsolable. I’m healing fine, and the other person in my room was able to go home without needing surgery at all!)

Birthday Present Doesn’t Have To Be About The Present

| London, England, UK | Hopeless | May 17, 2016

(My good friend recently turned the big three-oh and I am at a loss what to get him. Finances have been tough recently and I’ve run out of more obvious gifts. I decided to surprise him with 30 different memories from our friendship together. To make it more complex I split the memories over many digital platforms so he would have to search them out. Later I got his text:)

Friend: “That took forever to find.”

Me: “Did you get them all?”

Friend: “Yes, after a little while.”

Me: “Sorry, I couldn’t get you something more concrete for such a big birthday.”

Friend: “Don’t be silly. You have just reminded me what getting older is all about.”

Me: “Collecting memories?”

Friend: “Yep, and forgetting them all after enough pints.”

(After a good chuckle I saw later he had mentioned the best parts of his birthday on Facebook. After giving myself a hard time on not being able to do something bigger for my best friend, it was lovely to see how much it meant to him.)

Why Nurses Should Rule The World, Part 9

, , , | FL, USA | Hopeless | May 17, 2016

(My family is visiting my grandma, and we like renting bicycles to ride around the gated community where she lives. My mom and two younger siblings are just on our way back to the house. It’s a very hot day and I’m wearing a dark shirt.)

Me: “Hold up a minute. I feel woozy.”

(I pull onto the grass and sit down, panting, as my vision swirls with purple-green clouds. Usually they clear in a few moments, but they’re not going away. I can’t get back on the bike until I can see, so Mom is about to send my brother on ahead to bring Dad back with the car, when a car pulls up next to us.)

Little Old Lady: “Do you need help?”

(I’m a little fuzzy on the details after that point, but it turned out that she was a retired nurse! She offered to drive me back to Grandma’s house. I was doing a little better in the air-conditioned car, but I was still woozy and she talked to me to keep me awake. When we got to the house, I had to lean on her shoulder to get inside; my dad told me later that he thought I was helping her at first! She helped me into a reclining chair and got a cool, damp washcloth to put on my forehead before she left, with instructions to drink lots of water and not move for a while. She left before I could thank her, but I sent a thank-you note when I was better. Even after they retire, nurses are awesome people!)

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Mother’s Pay

, | Marshall, MI, USA | Hopeless | May 16, 2016

(A man comes in on Mother’s Day who only wants a glass of water. He sits there for a while, and while he isn’t rude, he isn’t particularly nice either. About the time he is going to leave he calls me over.)

Man: “You know that young lady over there?”

(I think he was going to complain about another server, and I hold back an eye-roll.)

Man: “I want to pay for her meal.”

(Instantly I realize he is talking about the mother alone with her child a few tables over. I thank him profusely, take his payment, and he leaves. When it is time for the woman’s bill I go to talk to her.)

Me: “Your meal is already paid for by the gentleman who was sitting over there.”

Woman: “Are you serious? I wish I could thank him. That’s the one good thing that has happened to me in a long time.”

(Her eyes began to fill with tears. Then I noticed she was wearing a bracelet indicating a male close to her had recently died. I thank that man for touching the life of a woman who was going through a hard time, and teaching me to not always judge a book by its cover!)

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