Hopefully They’re Taking Extra Math

, , , , | Right | November 24, 2020

I’m in a popular fast food place over lunch hour, waiting for my order number to be called. There’s a high school nearby, so several students are also waiting.

Cashier: “Order two-one-nine is ready! Two-one-nine!”

Beside me, a student steps forward and then hesitates.

Student: “Uh… I have two-nineteen?”

The cashier nods and smiles encouragingly, but she doesn’t move. The young man with her also looks uncertain. I decide to step in.

Me: “That’s what she’s calling, dear. That’s just how they say the numbers. Two-one-nine, see?”

Student: “Yeah, but that’s the thing, I have two-nineteen?”

I gave her my very best encouraging smile, and so did the cashier, and her friend shrugged. They finally rushed forward, clearly not getting it, but glad enough that they were getting their food. And so was I!

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