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Hopefully, They Have Home Improvement In Heaven

| Working | March 26, 2013

(My husband and I are in the process of inheriting a house from his late stepfather. I’m calling a home improvement company to get a free estimate on the costs of upgrading the house.)

Associate: “…and are you the legal owner of the house?”

Me: “We’re in the process of becoming the owners.”

Associate: “You’re buying it?”

Me: “No, we’re inheriting it.”

Associate: “What is the name of the legal owner?”

Me: *says stepfather’s name*

Associate: “Is there any way I can speak with him?”

Me: “No… we’re INHERITING the house.”

Associate: “I understand; it’s just that we have to speak with the legal owner before we can come out there.”

Me: “There isn’t a way to speak with the legal owner. We are inheriting the house. He is deceased.”

Associate: “OH!”


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