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Hopefully Their Health Turns Around Faster

, , , , , | Working | February 26, 2020

I recently returned to work after being in the hospital for an operation, but I was told to go back to hospital if I get into severe pain. On my third day back at work, I collapse and my team leader gets me a [Rideshare] to get to hospital, setting up the pickup point on the right side of the road. I manage to stagger downstairs and wait for the [Rideshare] while all but collapsing on the pavement.

When the [Ride Share] driver arrives, he’s on the other side of the road with six lanes of traffic as well as buses and trams between us.

“Come over here!”

“I can’t turn around!”

“Come over here! I can’t cross the road.”

“I can’t do a U-turn here!”

I am about to faint from the intense pain I am in, so I scream at him.

“Get the f*** over here! I don’t care how you do it! I’m in f****** pain!”

The driver then went around the block and comes onto the right side of the road to pick me up. He got a one-star rating.

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