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Hopefully, Their Favorite Anime Isn’t “Heidi, Girl of the Alps”

, , , , | Friendly | October 28, 2019

(I’m at an anime convention out of state. While I’ve done conventions before, I’ve recently become disabled and need to use a wheelchair. I have friends with me, but because I don’t want to feel like a burden, I tell them they don’t have to stay with me, and they wander off. After a bit, I realize I don’t have the energy I thought I did, and find myself stuck in the lobby, unable to get back to my hotel. A couple passing by stops.)

Guy: “Hey, you all right?”

Me: “I’m fine–”

Girl: “You look like you’ve just been told bad news. You sure you’re okay?”

Me: “I’m just waiting for my friends to finish at [Event] so I can go back to my hotel.”

Guy: “What hotel are you at?”

Me: “It’s [Hotel], but I’m fine waiting.”

Guy: “Nah, we’re kind of headed that way, anyway. Want a push?”

(I accept. The guy hands the girl his bag and we start towards my hotel. We make small talk and they get me safely to my room, even going up the elevator with me and making sure I can get in. The next day, I run into them again.)

Me: “Hey, you’re the couple from last night! Thank you for your help!”

Girl: “It’s no problem, really! We just wanted to make sure you got back safe!”

(I’ve since been careful about having someone with me who can help, but I still appreciate their kindness for a total stranger!)

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