Hope For Humanity? It’s In The Cards

, , , | Hopeless | August 19, 2016

(I am a frequent customer at my local card shop. I am at the counter when I see a young kid, maybe seven or eight, come up.)

Kid: “Um, excuse me?”

Employee: “Hi! How can I help you?”

Kid: “I was wondering, how much is this pack of cards?”

Employee: “Oh, that’s $4.50.”

(The kid’s face falls.)

Kid: “Okay, thank you.”

(He begins to walk away.)

Employee: “Wait, how much money do you have?”

Kid: “I only have $3; I thought that would be enough.”

Employee: “Well. you’re lucky! Today, just for you, we’re having a sale. Two packs for $3!”

(The kid looks confused, but then starts beaming. He buys his packs and walks out with a huge smile on his face. I walk over to the employee.)

Employee: “Yeah, that kid comes in here all the time. I see him look at the cards and then walk out. I thought maybe money was tight, so there ya go.”

(I bought what I was there for and left a HUGE tip.)

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