Hope For Humanity? It’s In The Bag

, , , , | Hopeless | August 22, 2016

(I have just found out about a discount grocery store. This store has items that are close to expiration dates and sell at a really low price. I usually can’t afford to get all the groceries needed for my house.)

Cashier: “Your total is $27.47.”

Me: “Oh, I don’t have that. Let me put a few things back.” *starts looking at the items I will return*

(An an older fellow I assume is the owner is bagging my things.)

Man: “Tell you what. You pay what you can, sign the receipt, and come back when you get caught up and pay us, okay?”

Me: “Thank you! I don’t have much, and I have family coming and don’t want my house to be empty; this means so much! *near tears as I sign the receipt*

Man: “Not a problem. You come back when you get caught up, if you get caught up, and pay us, all right?” *pats my shoulder as I leave, while I’m almost crying*

(Sir, you have no idea how much that meant to me. I got enough groceries for snacks, and even a full meal, when I had nothing. I will continue to shop there just on principle.)

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