Hope You Don’t Get Him Next Period

, , , | Learning | May 30, 2017

(It’s the beginning of the year and we’re in our first maths lesson when a girl asks to be excused. The teacher allows it but goes completely insane when he realises she’s taking her bag with her.)

Teacher: “SIT BACK DOWN!”

Girl: “But, please. I need to go!”

Teacher: “I do not tolerate lying. SIT BACK DOWN!”

Other Girl: “But, sir. She really needs to go! She’s—”

Teacher: “SIT BACK DOWN!”

(Everyone stared at the girl as she sat back down, embarrassed and clearly in pain. For the rest of the lesson she squirmed in silence, with the teacher glaring at her every other minute, ensuring she was completely subdued. It was extremely uncomfortable to watch. The second the bell rang she bolted, ignoring the teacher’s screams and attempts to follow. When he came back into the classroom, the girl who protested before stood up and pointed at the girl’s seat. I couldn’t see it, but the teacher went pale and excused everyone. He went on leave shortly after and hasn’t taught us since, much to the class’ and the girl’s relief.)

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