Hooray For Mr. Gay

| Oklahoma City, OK, USA | Working | February 18, 2014

(A customer with the last name ‘Gay’ pops on my screen as I receive his call.)

Me: “Thank you for calling [Company]. How can I help you?”

(As the customer asks questions about his bill and I answer, my obnoxious coworker looks over at the name on my screen.)

Coworker: “How can we help you today, Mr. Gay? You want to pay? What do you say? Yay or nay?”

(I give coworker a sign to shut up and continue the conversation until the caller is clear about his bill.)

Me: “Is there anything else we can do for you today, sir?”

Caller: “Fire that guy with the big mouth!”

Me: “Uh… Yes, sir.”

(When I told my coworker that Mr. Gay heard him his face turned red and he made it a point to keep his mouth in check from then on. It was the only time that day a customer WAS right.)

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