Hoochie Grannies, Gotta Love ‘Em

| | Right | September 24, 2008

(A little old lady is getting coffee. She is wearing thick blue eyeshadow, pink circles of blush, and bright red lipstick.)

Me: “Here’s your coffee. That’ll be $2.75.”

Little old lady: *gives me a $20* “Keep the change, dear.”

Me: “That’s very generous, thank you!”

Little old lady: “After work, go buy yourself some makeup. Just because you work at a coffee shop doesn’t mean you have to look like a slob!”

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  • Medusa Jordan

    I would not accept any tip from that horrible piece of work.

    • TN Thibodeaux

      money is money. fuck yes you would.

      • Medusa Jordan

        Speak for yourself.

  • Autumn Darian Sabisch

    What a C——