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Honor Among Thieves

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UK licensing laws mean that virtually everywhere sells alcohol. I work at a corner shop, but we are a franchise and are very strict about ID.

One day, I had a regular come in for some beer. He’d forgotten his ID, but he was the year above me at school so I knew he was of age. I told him not to worry about it and he got his beer with no problems.

Later that evening, I was walking home from work, down a dark alley, when I was pulled to the side and mugged.

A man in a black ski mask demanded that I hand over my phone and wallet. Shaking, I did as he asked.

Then, suddenly, he jerked back and said, “Hey! You’re the girl from the corner shop. You’re all right! You did me a solid earlier.”

It was the guy that had come in to buy beer! He handed back my wallet and phone and I ran away before he changed his mind.

Upset and shaking, I told my mother what had happened and who had tried to mug me. Being a small village, my mother soon told his mother.

I almost felt bad for the guy.

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