Honking Up The Wrong Lot

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Around eleven at night, a car started honking in our parking lot. I thought it was just someone honking at someone for cutting them off or something, but then it just didn’t stop, going on and on. It wasn’t regular enough to be a car alarm, and finally, my roommate got fed up enough to go out and see what was happening.

He went out to see that there was a car, idling in the middle of the lot, with the driver honking her horn repeatedly at apparently nothing. There were a couple of people nearby watching her, and one was apparently talking, or really shouting with her through the window.

“You need to let people sleep!” The guy by the window was saying. The woman shouted something back, and the guy pointed towards the back row of the parking lot. “There are plenty of spaces over there.”

At that point, my roommate had gotten close enough to hear what she said in response: “I don’t wanna walk that far.”

The guy who had been talking to her turned to my roommate. “She’s honking to get someone to move their car so she can park.”

The lady started honking again, and my roommate slapped his hand down on her roof, getting her to jump. Something to know about my roommate is that he has very little tolerance for bulls***, especially when he is tired. The lady stopped honking, and he full-on roared at her. “Shut the f*** up and park your car, or I’m gonna start breaking s*** and shut it up myself.”

That got her moving, all the way out of the parking lot entirely. We didn’t hear another peep that night or since. Here’s hoping she’s learned her lesson from that.

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