Honesty Pays, Absolute Honesty Pays Absolutely

, , , , | Working | April 24, 2018

(My dad gives me some cash he owes me, so my partner and I decide to buy dinner from a popular fast food place.)

Colleague: “That’s £18.75, please.”

(I hand her the £20 note I have. She hands me £10.25 back in change, instead of £1.25. This meal is a rare treat for my partner and me, as we don’t earn much. So, we falter for a moment as we both decide whether to call out her mistake. Having worked retail, though, I know how annoying it is to have the till down by even the smallest amount of money.)

Me: *to [Colleague #2] handing us our food* “Excuse me, but your colleague gave me a £10 note instead of a £1.”

(He blinked and got his colleague to open the till. She was extremely thankful, and [Colleague #2] gave us an extra box of chicken as a gesture to say thank you. Honesty pays!)

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