Honesty Gets You Oculus Repairo!

, , , , | Hopeless | August 27, 2017

(The December before I got married, my parents let me go to the optometrist one last time while I was still on their insurance. They had $1000 on their plan to use up or it would be lost on January 1st, so I was told to go nuts on a pair of glasses. I ended up with a very nice pair of flex-steel glasses that were very thin, especially along the bridge of the nose. Cue five years later and that very thin bridge has finally broken. I tape them up but the metal has actually curled in slightly so both sides are poking me in the nose and they are incredibly uncomfortable since the glasses don’t want to stay straight and want to fold in on themselves. I bring them to a chain glasses store and get told that the metal stresses as it ages and gets weaker, so they are shot. They can’t fix them, only get me a new pair, but since my prescription is more than two years old I have to get an exam as well. They tell me my only other option is to go to a jewelry store and have them laser weld the pieces back together. I go to a local jewelry store and thankfully the clerk is able to get them welded together for $35. About two months later, things in my life have taken a downturn. My hours were slashed from thirty-five a week to less than nine; my wife’s hours were also cut (we worked at the same restaurant). We have just signed up with WIC, cancelled everything but our cell phones and the most basic Internet package, and are still wondering how we are going to pay our bills. Sitting on the couch one night, my toddler throws his head back and breaks my glasses again. This time we don’t have $35 to fix them but I can’t work or drive without them so I go back to the jewelry store.)

Me: *hands over glasses to same clerk as before* “Sorry, I got a toddler head-butt to the face and they broke again.”

Clerk: “Well, the machine hasn’t been powered on yet today so it’s going to be the better part of an hour before these are fixed since it takes a while to warm up.”

(The place is downtown so I go and squint-browse at some of the other stores for an hour.)

Clerk: “Here you go. Try them on and see if they fit correctly.”

Me: *after verifying they fit* “So it’s $35?”

Clerk: “No charge. You were honest about it up front. You didn’t lie or try to blame us or demand anything. Kids happen, but I’d get them replaced sooner rather than later.”

(Thank you, Clerk, for helping a struggling family out! He saved us not having to stretch an immensely strained budget further. Two months later, my wife got a job with benefits and I got new glasses, and three months after that I found a full-time job with benefits of my own.)

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