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Homeless Is Where The Heart Is, Part 9

, , | Hopeless | March 17, 2017

(I discover that a homeless man sleeps on the front steps of my house in San Francisco. I feel bad for him, so I always try to give him some of my breakfast before I leave for work. One day, my neighbor sees me doing this.)

Neighbor: *shrieking* “What are you doing!?”

Me: “Sorry…?”

Neighbor: “Don’t feed the stupid bum!”

Me: “Oh, well, I just thought that he looked like he may need a little help; he doesn’t bother anyone, so I was just giving him some extra food.”

Neighbor: “He’s a stupid high-school dropout who drools on your cats!”

Me: “What?”

Homeless Man: “Well, I actually don’t have a home because I can barely make enough money to put myself through school and have a home. Having a daily meal from [My Name] is really helpful. And… I have no idea about that drooling on cats part.”

Neighbor: “Bum!” *stomps into her house*

Me: “Okay, well, enjoy the meal; I hope it all gets better soon!”

Homeless Man: “Thanks for everything!”

(A few months later, he informed me he had found a new job, and he told me a little later that he was on a steady paycheck and had enough money to get a small apartment. A few days later, he thanked me for the meals and went on his way. I hope wherever he is, he’s proving my old neighbor wrong.)


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