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Homeless Is Where The Heart Is, Part 8

, | Hopeless | March 6, 2017

I work in a fairly busy area, and as such have huge difficulty parking; however, there’s a seemingly homeless man who, without fail, will help people find spots. I make sure to give him some change when I can and he’s a genuinely lovely person.

One day I’m helping with the interviews and who should walk in but this man. He’s incredibly nervous, and the suit he’s wearing isn’t exactly his size, but he does great until one of the other interviewers asks for any character references, of which he seemingly has none.

I take this opportunity to mention how hard he tries to help people, and is there every morning without fail, and as I’m talking, the man’s eyes widen as he recognizes me. He was hired due to my reference and has not only become one of the hardest workers here, but has his own flat and comes in every day with a huge smile.


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