Homeless Is Where The Heart Is, Part 6

, | Hopeless | October 28, 2016

(Back when I was a starving college student, I managed to scrape together money to get a plane ticket home for break, mostly by living on ramen. I was on the shuttle bus from the subway station to the airport terminal and a very poorly dressed homeless man got on. It was December and he had only a long sleeve tee shirt. He was asking everyone on the bus for spare change, and was mostly being ignored. I had a few coins to give him, but not enough to really help him out. He sat down looking dejected, and a young guy went and sat next to him.)

Young Guy: “You hungry, sir?”

Man: “I just need some soup or something.”

Young Guy: “Here’s 10 bucks. And here…”

(At this, Young Guy took off his jacket, put it around the man’s shoulders, then grabbed his things and got off to catch his flight. The man was stunned, and several people were inspired to give the man a few more dollars. Whoever you are, dude, you inspired a whole bus of folks that day.)


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