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Homeless Is Where The Heart Is, Part 10

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I just started a new part-time job, and after my training I was assigned to a partner. At first, I didn’t like him; he was kind of lazy, honestly. But after giving it a chance, we became friends.

It was winter, and he told me that someone had stolen the tires off of his bike. I felt bad for him, finding out that he was riding a bike in the snow to get home, and now his tires were stolen.

I gave home rides to and from work until payday. But it was weird; he would have me go to gas stations or train stations, and he was always carrying a duffel bag. One time he had it open, and I saw that he was carrying around his birth certificate and other papers. It became clear to me that he was actually homeless.

He kept denying it at first, but finally admitted to me that he was, in fact, homeless. While I didn’t know him that well, I couldn’t just let him stay outside anymore.

So, I struck a deal. He could live in one of my rooms, for cheap — $200 a month. But he needed to get another job, something nearby, and start saving up money.

I also gave him a broken-down car that had been sitting in my driveway for a while. I told him that if he fixed it, he could have it. Little by little, he progressed. He got a full-time job to supplement the part-time job. He eventually bought a bed and dresser, and some more clothes. And he fixed the backyard car and got the tags.

By six months, he was flying out of the nest! It was one of the best feelings in the world to have helped someone get back on their feet!

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