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| Working | January 29, 2013

(My husband has worked at a big box retailer for several years. At the time of this conversation, our daughter has just been born. It was a very difficult delivery as I hemorrhaged and almost died, and was in the hospital for over a week. When we finally got home, I was still very weak and sick and had a hard time taking care of her alone. My husband therefore goes up to his boss and says he needs more time off because I am so sick.)

Manager: “No, you can’t have anymore days off because we need you here.”

My Husband: “But you know how hard my wife has it right now. I need to be there to help take care of my baby!”

Manager: “That is not a valid excuse! You have a job here. I don’t care what is going on at home. We scheduled you and you NEED to be here when you are scheduled!”

My Husband: “Wait, are you saying that what you need done here is more important than my wife and child’s health and lives?”

Manager: “Yes, I think you need to choose your job or your family! Besides, I think you are making this up so that you can just stay home and not have to work like the rest of us.”

(At this point, one of my husband’s coworkers, who has heard the entire conversation, walks up.)

Coworker: “[Manager], what is wrong with you?! For one thing, he’s been here long enough to be able to get FMLA, so he doesn’t have to choose; he can go if he wants. And secondly, I have seen his wife and she IS that sick. My wife and I visited her in the hospital, and all us backroom guys chipped in and bought her flowers for her to feel better.” *to my husband* “I am pretty sure I saw the GM walk in, so you can probably talk to him about everything..”

(Sure enough the GM had just walked in. Not only did my husband get the time off he needed to help me out, but the GM wrote up the manager and said if she said anything like that to any other staff member ever again, she would be fired. My husband transferred stores not long after that, but we found out from his friend that the manager had gotten fired for sleeping at her desk in the middle of her shift.)

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