Home-Baked Goodness

, , | Working | May 18, 2017

(I am struggling with what will later be diagnosed as depression, causing me to randomly start to cry without any apparent reason. During one such crying bout, I decide to go for a walk to distract myself and hopefully calm down a bit. After a while, I pass by a bakery and go in to buy myself some small treat to cheer myself up. It’s in the afternoon, shortly before the bakery closes.)

Baker: “Hi, what can I get you?”

Me: “Hi. Could I have a chocolate pastry, please?”

Baker: “Sure thing.” *she takes out the pastry with her tongs but suddenly stops and adds* “You know what? It’s a bit on the small side. Why don’t I give you two of them? For the price of one, obviously.”

Me: “Uhm, okay? Thank you!”

Baker: *smiles at me and gives me the bag with the two pastries* “Have a lovely evening!”

(Once I had left, I looked at the bag and saw that the “small” pastry was the size of my hand, a perfectly normal size! So I realized what must have happened: She saw an obviously upset young woman (I had stopped crying when I went in there but you could still tell) and decided to do something nice for her, just because she could! Thank you so much, dear bakery lady, for this gesture – and the chocolate pastries were delicious!)

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