When The Holidays Aren’t So Sweet

, , , , | Right | December 25, 2017

(This is my third Christmas season working for this store. Our owner, a kind, older man, is Jewish, but he encourages us to decorate the store in traditional Christmas decor and allows us to close early Christmas Eve and stay closed Christmas Day. However, out of respect for him, we prefer to say “Happy Holidays” to our customers. Variations of the following are therefore often repeated conversation…)

Me: “Have a great day and Happy Holidays!”

Customer: “NO. It’s MERRY CHRISTMAS. MERRY CHRISTMAS. None of that ‘Happy Holidays’ political correctness bulls**t!”

Me: “Our owner is Jewish; he doesn’t celebrate Christmas. So we prefer to say Happy Holidays out of respect. Have a great day and Happy Holidays.”

(Luckily at that point, most people grumble and leave. Some have left looking downright embarrassed, which I feel a little bad about. But every now and then, people just yell ‘MERRY CHRISTMAS’ again and storm out. Our owner is relatively anonymous to the public and likes to wander the store and watch, and he always thinks it’s funny when we say that to people, especially the more… stubborn ones.)

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