Holi Of Holies

| Related | January 26, 2016

(My mother and siblings and I are Christian, but my stepfather, who is from India, is a Hindu. Over dinner one night, we’re having a discussion about the holidays coming in 2016, and he’s looking on his phone to see when they’ll happen. My parents are scheduled to visit India later in the year.)

Mom: “I don’t want to go during Holi, so make sure it’s not happening during our trip.”

(Holi is a Hindu festival wherein the participants throw colored powders at each other, similar to a Color Run here in the States. Holy Week, meanwhile, is the series of Christian observances in the week leading up to Easter. Holi and holy are pronounced pretty much the same.)

Stepdad: “Let’s see… Wow, that’s weird. It’s actually on the same day as Maundy Thursday this year – the day before Good Friday.”

Mom: “Really?”

Stepdad: “Yeah, that’s unusual.”

Me: “So it’s Holi Week!”

(He looked like I’d just made his whole day.)

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