There’s Holding-Your-Hair Drunk, And Then There’s This:

, , , , | Hopeless | February 26, 2018

I was out in town with my friend, when she started complaining that she felt tired, and asking if could we head back home. While waiting for food before our taxi home, she began being sick, and repeatedly just saying how tired she was.

She fell down and bumped her head, so we couldn’t take any chances with her drowsiness. One very kind passer-by stayed with us, cancelled our taxi, called an ambulance, and waited on the phone with them, keeping my friend awake and asking questions to be able to ascertain her consciousness level.

She then came with us to the hospital, and stayed with us until my friend had been seen and assessed by a doctor. She gave up her night out and left her friends to stay with two very drunk girls, who were panicking quite a lot. It restored faith in humanity, as many others were just walking past and laughing at the state of my friend, not offering any assistance or help, and basically only telling me that “I needed to get her home” and that I should “look after her better.”

So, thank you, kind stranger, for keeping a level head and providing so much assistance.

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