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Hold Up! Put Me On Hold!

, , , | Right | March 24, 2021

I work for an inbound telecommunication company. Our role is to answer calls for companies that cannot do so themselves and pass the details of the caller for a call back. Calls come in automatically when you hear the beep. This night is a particularly slow night so there are no queues.

Me: “Hello, this is [Business]. They’re not available at the moment, so can I have your name and number for a return call, please?”

Customer: “You could wait, you know!” 

Me: “I’m sorry?”

Customer: “It only rang three times before you answered! I wasn’t ready yet!” *Hangs up*

I’ve heard of people complaining about being on hold for ages but never about someone answering the phone “too quickly.” Besides, why are you calling if you’re not ready to be answered?

Question of the Week

What is the absolute most stupid thing you’ve heard a customer say?

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