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Ho-bout You Stop Judging Me

| Working | January 24, 2013

(I am an IT professional. While I make a very good living, the dress code at work is pretty casual, and I dress VERY casually. Asa female, I’ve found that the men I work with and help take me a little more seriously if I’m a bit frumpy. Still, as a well-paid woman into girly things, I own expensive accessories. I stop into a local sporting goods store after work and am looking at some expensive gloves.)

Employee: “Hi, can I help you with anything today?”

Me: “No thanks, I think I know what I’m looking for. I’ll let you know if I need anything.”

Employee: “We have some cheaper gloves over here.”

Me: “Really, I researched what I was looking for online. I need something thin with moisture control. I’m pretty sure these are what I’m looking for  I’ll let you know if I have any questions.”

Employee: “Those are pretty expensive. If you just need some gloves, we have much cheaper options over this way.”

Me: “I don’t just need gloves; I need lightweight gear for running in cold temperatures. Again, I researched what I need online: gloves, pants, tops, socks, and other items. I’ll let you know if I have any questions.”

Employee: *into her headset* “Can we get security over to the glove display near the register?”

Me: “…Did you just call security on me? Why would you do that? I’ve been nothing but polite to you, and am just trying to shop.”

Employee: “You look like a hobo, and you OBVIOUSLY don’t work out. You’re just trying to steal stuff from us.”

(At this point, the manager shows up, presumably as backup for Employee #1.)

Manager: “Hey, I heard you needed some help. What can I help you with?”

Me: “Nothing. I am trying to shop for winter running gear, and your little associate here decided that I am a ‘ hobo’ who is trying to steal from you. I know what I need, and so far, I have been perfectly able to find it on my own  While I told her, twice, that I would let her know if I needed help, she decided I was a threat worthy of calling security, and, on top of that, insulted me. I’m leaving now—WITH NO STOLEN MERCHANDISE—and you can explain to her why you lost a sale that would have been a couple hundred dollars.”

(As I’m saying this, the manager looks me over and realizes, despite my frumpy appearance, some of the accessories I’m wearing are clearly not ‘hobo’-like in nature.)

Manager: *to me* “I am so incredibly sorry. Please don’t leave over this misunderstanding.” *to the employee* “You see her bag? If you knew ANYTHING, you would know that this purse cost at least $500. The earrings she is wearing are clearly real diamonds, and she’s wearing shoes that cost at least $150. Even if all that were not obvious, you have no right to call our customers hobos or insult them in any other way.  Go away and let her shop in peace.”

Employee: *slinks away* “Knock offs!”

(Thankfully, the manager found everything on my list, and I scored a very nice discount for my hassle!)

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