History Paper Due In The Past

, | Learning | May 27, 2014

(I am waiting in line at my school library’s help desk. I overhear this conversation between the person at the desk and the girl in front of me.)

Student: “Hi. I’m writing a paper and I need help finding sources.”

Adviser: “Okay. What class are you writing this for?”

Student: “One of my history classes.”

Adviser: “I’ll set up an appointment for you with the library adviser for that department. She’ll be able to help you find plenty of sources for your paper. Let me just fill out this online form. What is your name?”

Student: “[Student].”

Adviser: “And what class is this?”

Student: “[History class].”

Adviser: “Okay, and when is the paper due?”

Student: “Oh, two weeks ago.”

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