Hissy Fit

| OR, USA | Romantic | December 6, 2012

(My then-boyfriend is walking me to my car one night after work.)

Me: “Thank you for walking me. I saw a group of people hanging out around here earlier. It was kind of shady.”

Boyfriend: “Of course! I wouldn’t let anything happen to you!”

(We walk in front of a house with very large bushes along the sides. Just as we get near a bush, a small dark mass bolts out from the bush directly towards me.)

Me: “HISS!” *I jump and genuinely cat-hiss*

(Turns out, it was actually a cat. It got highly offended and ran off without another thought. I then turn to look at my boyfriend.)

Boyfriend: *eyes huge* “Did you just?…”

Me: *looking down* “Shut-up… never happened.”

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