His Wand Is Unresponsive

| Romantic | April 25, 2014

(I persuade my boyfriend to re-watch the ‘Harry Potter’ movies since I’m a big fan and he’s only seen a couple out of the seven. We’re cuddled up on the bed watching the first when the scene of them trying to learn how to fly comes on. The teacher tells the class to put their right hand over their broom and say ‘up.’ I get an idea.)

Me: *puts a hand hovering over my boyfriends lap* “UP!”

(He glares at me while I pretend to pout.)

Me: “It was worth a try.”

(The next scene has the teacher telling the class to mount their brooms.)

Me: “Aw, I wanted to try that part too!”

(My boyfriend just face-palms while I giggle into the cushions.)

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