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His Theory Is A-Rye

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(My brother’s girlfriend is visiting. Since neither of them has a car, I end up driving them to the mall. As we are leaving, they decide to get some soft pretzels to eat on the way home. My brother’s girlfriend is gluten-intolerant, meaning she can only have a certain amount of wheat in a day.)

Girlfriend: “Okay, I’m done with these. You can have the rest.”

Brother: “Oh, you’re not hungry?”

Girlfriend: “No, I just have had enough wheat for one day.”

Brother: “Pretzels have wheat in them?”

Me: *laughing* “What did you think pretzels were made out of?”

Brother: “Crackers?”

(Both his girlfriend and I are laughing.)

Me: “Okay, even if pretzels were made out of crackers — which they aren’t — where did you think crackers came from?”

Brother: “…cracker trees?”

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