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His “Super Bowl Special” Didn’t Taste As Good When It Arrived

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I used to manage a pizza place. A guy called in the middle of the Super Bowl and ordered 15 pizzas; all of them were half this and half that.

I explained to him that due to the increased volume of business due to the Super Bowl, the added complexity of his order, and the added fact that he was ordering a large number of pizzas, it would probably be at least 45 minutes to an hour before his pizzas were delivered.

He immediately became extremely irate and said he expected them to be there in 30 minutes or less or they would have to be free.

I explained that the 30-minute-or-free guarantee was a promotion that [Entirely Different Chain] ran in the ‘70s and early ‘80s, that we had never honored that promo, and that even if we had, we would not be doing so that night due to the Super Bowl.

He complained that he had a whole Super Bowl party and was depending on our food. When I explained to him that so did many other people, all of whom had ordered before him, he decided this was a good time to start threatening me.

He threatened to come up to the store, shoot me, and then go to my house and do horrible things to my girlfriend.

His mistake, other than making threats, was saying this on our phone line. Due to problems we had had in the past, our calls in this particular store were recorded. Our state was single-party consent.

Since I already had his name, address, and phone number from his order, it was very simple to arrange a “delivery” for him.

His delivery was a couple of sheriff’s deputies to arrest him in front of all of his friends. We never got a call from him again.

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