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His Single Biggest Complaint

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I work in a timeshare sales center as an admin in a popular tourist area. We see hundreds of people per week. We require ID to check you in for your presentation, and we see people who already own with us.

A gentleman, an owner, walks in and we ask for his ID.

Owner: “Why do you need my ID? My name is [Owner]. You should know who I am.”

I have never seen this man before, and if I did I don’t remember.

Me: “It’s just policy. We need it to verify your identity; it’s to protect your personal information.”

He rolls his eyes but shows his ID.

When you go on these presentations, we ask questions that should’ve already been asked when you signed up before you see someone, and you’re supposed to be notified that when you come in that you will be asked again to verify. This guy was not told.

For owners, it’s simply marital status. They’re trying to upgrade you, and to protect the company legally, we don’t allow people to go on presentations without their spouse/cohabitating partner. A husband making a big decision financially without his wife can lead to consequences for us if the wife decides to attack the company because she didn’t agree to that decision.

Me: “Marital status?”

Owner: *Angrily* “Why are you asking me that? My file says single. It’s your job to know who I am. And it’s my job to let you know if that changes.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but I am required to ask these questions regardless, sir. It’s company policy.”

Owner: “Well, you should change it!”

He huffed off to the complimentary coffee. 

I checked deeper into his file, and he’s done these presentations many, many times. Maybe he’s upset that he’s single?

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