His Intelligence Falls Way Short

, , , | Right | November 23, 2020

A customer walks up to my register holding a pair of shorts that are clearly marked as size twenty.

Customer: “What size are these shorts?”

Me: “Those would be a size twenty.”

Customer: “So what’s that? Is it a sixteen?”

Me: “No, it would be bigger than a size sixteen as those are a size twenty.”

Customer: “I don’t understand. Are they a size fourteen or sixteen?”

Me: “Neither. Again, they’re a size twenty.”

Customer: “This is all so confusing! How am I supposed to know if they fit?”

Me: “We do have fitting rooms for your convenience so you can try them on before buying.”

Customer: “You won’t tell me if they’re a fourteen or sixteen, and now you’re saying you expect me to try them on? This is way too much work!”

The customer threw the shorts at me and walked away in a huff.

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