His Fate Was Sealed With A Non-Kiss

| Romantic | April 29, 2017

(It’s the first few weeks back at school, and I’ve started hanging out with a friend of my roommate. We are not exclusive or even dating, just hanging out as a group and dancing, but it’s clear he wants more. I am a virgin and have never been kissed, and I want my first time for both to be special, but once he learns this, he becomes almost aggressive to try and kiss me and become my ‘first.’ Eventually he decides to have a talk with me in my apartment one night:)

Guy: “Listen, so… I really REALLY like you.”

Me: “I like you, too. You’re fun to hang out with, but the problem is that you get aggressive and try to force me to kiss you and I don’t like that at all. So you need to cool it if you really want this to be a thing.”

Guy “Well, see, I just like you too much! It’s not my fault at all!”

Me: “Look, we’ve been hanging out only two weeks; we barely know each other. Can we please just get to know each other better first?”

Guy: *shakes head sadly* “I just like you too much! Too much to keep up this pace! I can’t stand it… so we have to go faster, or I can’t see or talk to you anymore.”

Me: “You like me so much that you can’t even talk to me unless I kiss you?”

Guy: “Yes! My feelings are too strong!”

Me: “…”

Guy: *smiles and reaches for me* “Now let’s have that kiss! You’ll be so happy with—”

Me: “No.”

Guy: *confused* “…b-but we have to go faster or—”

Me: “Or I can’t see you anymore. I heard you the first time. The door’s right over there. Have a nice life.”

(He left the apartment still confused that his masterful plan didn’t work out, and tried to call and text me constantly over the next month. Apparently he forgot the other half of his ultimatum… but I didn’t. Never spoke to him again and I’m now married to a man who was more than happy to wait until I was ready.)

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