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His Face Must’ve Been So Ro-Joe

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My mother-in-law is VERY into ceramics. Each year for Christmas, as a family tradition, she makes several ceramics ranging from Christmas ornaments to Santa and snowman statues and decor. It’s my first Christmas with my in-laws, and we are painting said ceramics. I finish mine, but my husband has not yet finished and we will have to come back so he can finish painting his Santa statue.

Husband: “I’m just gonna write the color I’m using on the bottom of my ceramic so I don’t forget which one it is when we come back.”

He picks up the bottle and reads the color.

Husband: “Red… rooj… ro-joe… That’s a weird color name!”

Me: “Babe… you do realize that’s just ‘red’ in three different languages, right? English, French, and Spanish? Red, rouge, and rojo.”

He still hasn’t lived it down to this day.

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