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His Excuse Is Golden

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I am rearranging stock when a man approaches me. I am a visiting merchandiser so do not know the exact locations of stock nor am I supposed to leave my work to find what the customers are after; usually, I direct them to a staff member.  

Customer: “Where is the maple syrup?”

Me: “That’s not in this aisle; it’s in the aisle with the dessert toppings. Sorry, but I can’t show you; I don’t actually work here. A staff member could help you better.”

Customer: *Getting crankier each time he talks* “Hmph! I was told it was in this aisle. I need it for tomorrow.”

It’s the day before ANZAC Day when we honour our armed forces and their sacrifices; there’s a traditional biscuit that is often baked for that day.

Me: “Are you making ANZAC Biscuits?”

Customer: “Yes.”

Me: “Oh, then you are after golden syrup. The shelves for golden syrup are just down from where we are, but unfortunately, it’s completely sold out.”

Customer: “How do you know that?”

Me: *Pointing to the empty shelves* “This is where it should be.”

Customer: “Why didn’t you tell me that in the first place?”

Me: “I thought you asked for maple syrup?”

Customer: *Raising his voice* “I DID!”

Me: *Stunned* “Well, I suggest you find a staff member, then. I can’t help you.”

He stared at me before stomping off, grumbling to himself.

Question of the Week

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