His Entitlement Cost Him $16.50

, , | Right | July 30, 2018

(I work at a movie theater, where I am a supervisor for the “Family Flicks” free movie every Saturday. Twenty minutes or so before every show, I go in and — just to keep them entertained, because there are 900+ kids — ask stupid movie trivia about shows and give away random posters or movie swag, and other stuff that would end up trashed, anyway. A guy comes to me:)

Guy: “Can my son have free popcorn, soda, and some posters?”

Me: “Sorry, I am all out of prizes for the day, and we sell popcorn in the lobby, but hurry if you’re going, as the movie is starting in a few.”

Guy: “So this is not a ‘free movie,’ as your postings on your site state?”

Me: “The movie is free, sir, every Saturday. If you want snacks or drinks, we sell them, including kids’ size, and you’re welcome to bring snacks from home. We do this for a chance for parents with limited income, or who have a lot of family that just want to see movies and can’t afford them. I understand how expensive movies are.”

Guy: “FINE!” *huffs off goes to buy a very large popcorn and soda*

(At the end of the show, a little less than two hours later, as everyone is leaving, I see the same guy sitting there with his son:)

Guy: “Say, ‘Thank you,’ son.”

Son: “Thanks.”

(The guy dumps his full soda and popcorn right on the feet of an employee; he got the free refill just as show ended.)

Guy: *looks at me* “Consider this job security.”

Son: “That’s right. We came all this way, and you did not pick me to answer any stupid questions; you owe us.”

(Next week, the same guy and son came in, and the big boss for the theater just told me — after hearing the story from me, staff, and a few other long time guests of the program — “Let him do it again if he wants; spending $16.50 to dump out for someone making $8.00 to clean in under two minutes is his right to be stupid.”)

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