His Ears Are Jammed

| Working | February 8, 2014

(My boyfriend works in tech support and my boss knows this. As it happens, I have hurt my right ankle. My boyfriend is driving me to and from work when my boss’s printer quits working.)

Boss: “My printer isn’t working. Can [Boyfriend] take a look at it?”

Me: “I’ll take a look at it while you’re gone. If I can’t fix it, I’ll have him give it a go.”

(My boss leaves and when he comes back the next day, his printer is fixed. Later that afternoon…)

Boss: “Thank [Boyfriend] for me! The printer is working great. What did he have to do?”

Me: “I fixed it before [Boyfriend] got here. It was a simple jam. I just had to clear the jam and then turned it off and on again.”

Boss: “Great! Tell him to keep up the good work. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

(My boss leaves the office for the day but runs into my boyfriend coming to pick me up.)

Boyfriend: *coming into the office* “Why did [Boss] just thank me for fixing his printer?”

Me: “I give up. Just go with it. You cleared the jam. Good job. Keep up the good work.”

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