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His Cup Runneth Full With Lies

, , , , | Right | March 27, 2019

(The cafe I work in has a system where customers can order and pay online. Their orders are then placed on a shelf that all customers can access so that they can just grab their food and go. We have one regular who we know exploits the system. He always orders a single chocolate chip cookie, and when he picks it up he hides the slip and then comes up to the counter, complaining that we forgot his drink. We have a benefit-of-the-doubt policy, and we are not allowed to blatantly call customers out on their schemes. One week, I have worked four days in a row and have seen him every day.)

Regular: *comes up to my register* “Hello. I ordered a cookie and a drink online, and when I got here the cookie was the only thing on the shelf. Could I have a cup, please?

Me: *nonchalantly* “Yeah, sure. Hey, didn’t this same thing happen to you yesterday? And the day before? And every day this week? Wow, we should really work on that.” *puts on an oblivious smile and holds a cup out to him*

(Suddenly, the thieving regular got an expression like a deer in the headlights and scurried out of the store! It’s been about four months, and nobody has seen him since.)

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