His Brain Is On The Rocks

| London, UK | Working | December 30, 2012

Me: “Single vodka and diet Coke; no ice, please.”

Bartender: “Sure.”

(He takes a glass and immediately begins filling it with ice.)

Me: “No ice, please!”

(He continues putting ice in the glass.)

Me: “Excuse me! No ice, please!”

Bartender: “What?”

Me: “No ice!”

Bartender: “You don’t want ice?”

Me: “No thanks.”

(He sighs theatrically, empties out the ice, and takes the now empty glass to the optics.)

Bartender: “Did you say whisky?”

Me: “No, vodka. And diet Coke.”

Bartender: “Single or double?”

Me: “Single, please!”

Bartender: “With Coke?”

Me: “DIET Coke, please.”

Bartender: “Oh sorry, did you want ice in that?”

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